!*@&^#%$ You

As social beings, humans, especially Americans love the fact that we can say what we want when we want, however we want too. There is so much positivity and support for credible and upright causes, which is why it also has to be equally met with ignorant, insulting, and disrespectful speech and behavior. We can spend all day highlighting the goodness of our earned right but it’s given a lot of leeway for vicious individuals. Back in the day,  you couldn’t even say the word “damn” on live television or radio. The first time someone actually used the word “damn” was Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind. The movie company was later fined $5000 by the MPAA for his language.We have seen the rise of vulgar, inappropriate language run seamlessly in our movies and songs. There’s a movie that came out recently called Sausage Party that highlights food products and goods engaging in orgies and using high amounts of profanity.


But it’s our right after all to express ourselves however we choose. But just as laws are meant to be broken, rights are unfortunately violated. Consistently. We have seen numerous cases where reckless online users of Facebook jokingly chatted that they would bomb a school or threaten someone. Shortly after these messages were sent, police would arrive at their house for their “harmless” threats. So the question is: Is my freedom of speech in my favor? Most of the time, but certainly not always. We are continuing to find the fine line between privacy and freedom of speech, but a lot of incidents show that it’s not always on our side. We have seen multiple altercations occur between cops and citizens when an individual feels like he or she wants to record the current situation via Snapchat or Facebook Live and are violently stopped by cops. We need to do our best saying how we feel, but with consideration of everyone. Except the KKK because why would you.


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